Example: Creating an application version
In Example: Creating the application DevelopChooser, you created the application DevelopChooser, configured its prerequisites, and added group members to it. Now you need to create a version of it so you will have a recoverable baseline of the application. To do this:
1. Open an Application Manager, or a TrailBlazer on Loaded Applications.
2. From the list of applications, select DevelopChooser.
3. From the Applications menu, select Version > Name Each.
A window is displayed, prompting you to name the version. Though you can specify any version name, use the default version name of 1.0 for this example.
4. Select OK. The list of applications now displays DevelopChooser 1.0.
To create an edition of your application for team members to work from, review Example: Creating an application edition.
Last modified date: 10/13/2017