To create a version of an application, the following conditions must exist:
The application must be an edition.
You must be the manager of the application edition.
All classes released to the application must be versions.
All subapplications released to the application must be versions. This includes subapplications that are part of lineups applying to images other than the one you are currently running. If not all subapplications are versions, have the managers of the subapplications create versions of them.
The application edition and its released classes, subapplications, and prerequisites must exist in your image.
If your image does not hold all released prerequisites, do either of the following for each prerequisite:
Load the correct (released) prerequisite. You can use an Application Editions browser to find out which version or edition is released. (To open an Appication Editions browser, select Browse Application Editions from the Tools menu of the Transcript.
Change the released prerequisite so it references the prerequisite edition that currently exists in your image. There are two ways to do this:
Add the currently loaded edition to the list of allowable editions for the prerequisite by selecting Change from the Prerequisites menu.
Release the loaded prerequisite edition using an Application Editions browser. If multiple platforms are involved, you release the correct edition into all lineups.
Last modified date: 01/29/2015