To create a version of a class, do the following:
1. Open an Application Manager, or a TrailBlazer on Loaded Applications.
2. From the list of applications, select the application that contains the class edition.
3. From the list of classes, select the class edition. You can create a version of more than one class at a time. To select more than one class, press the Ctrl key while you click on the classes.
4. From the Classes menu, select Version > One Name. A window opens, prompting you to name all class versions.
5. Type the new class name; then select on OK. A version of each class edition is created.
For step 4, you can also select Version > Name Each or Use Defaults from the Classes menu. Name Each opens a window that prompts you for a version name for each class being versioned. Use Defaults assigns a default name to each class being versioned.
Last modified date: 01/29/2015