To create a version of a class, the following conditions must exist:
The class must be an edition.
You must be the developer of the class edition.
All methods used by the class must be loaded in your image.
As to the last condition, a class edition loaded in your image can become inconsistent with the library if your system crashes or if you make changes in several images concurrently. If this problem occurs, select Browse Changes > Another Edition from the Classes menu. A window is displayed, listing editions of the class. Select the loaded edition; then select OK. A Changes Browser opens on the selected class edition. Find changes between the loaded method editions and the ones stored in the library. Make the editions uniform by selecting Load Alternatives and then Release Loaded from the Methods menu.
Instead of opening a Changes Browser on the class edition, you can select System > Make Image Consistent from the Tools menu. This prints information on any inconsistencies to the Transcript.
Last modified date: 01/29/2015