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Displaying configuration map timestamps
Sometimes you may need to see the detailed timestamp information about a single configuration map, for example to compare levels of code. In this case, you can either modify the Configuration Map Browser's behavior so that it will show the timestamps of all editions or you can display the timestamp of a single selected map edition.
To modify all browser behaviour to show timestamps:
1. On the System Transcript, select Tools then Open Preferences Workspace.
2. In the Preferences Workspace, find the code to set timestamps as part of version name signatures.
3. Change the false value at the end of the line to true, then swipe and execute the line.
4. To change back to the default of not showing timestamps, change the value at the end of the line back to false and swipe and execute the code again.
You can also display a timestamp for a single configuration map edition from the Configuration Maps Browser. You can also copy the timestamp information to the System Transcript or clipboard.
To display the timestamp for a single configuration map:
1. Open a Configuration Maps Browser.
2. From the list of configuration maps, select the configuration map for which you want to display the timestamp.
3. From the list of versions and editions, select the configuration map version.
4. From the Editions menu, select Timestamp.
5. If you want to copy the timestamp information, select either the Copy to Transcript or Copy to Clipboard button.
The information copied includes the following:
Timestamp for <map name> <map version or edition name>: (<mm/dd/yy hh:mm:ss AM/PM>) ts=<seconds>
Last modified date: 03/13/2019