To create an edition of a class, do the following:
1. Open an Application Manager.
2. From the list of applications, select the application that contains the class.
3. From the list of classes, select the class version from which you want to create the new class edition.
4. From the Classes menu, select Create New Edition. A new edition is created.
If the containing application is not an edition, a window is displayed asking whether you want a scratch edition of the application made. If you want a scratch edition made, select OK; otherwise, select Cancel.
In addition to enabling you to create class editions expressly, the system creates some class editions automatically. For example, when you save a method in a class version, the system automatically creates a new edition of the class.
When a new edition is created, the Transcript window displays a message stating that the edition has been created.
Last modified date: 01/29/2015