Deleting a subapplication from one lineup
To delete a subapplication from an application, do the following:
1. Open an Application Manager, Applications Browser, or a TrailBlazer on Loaded Applications.
2. From the list of applications, select the subapplication that you want to delete. You can delete only one subapplication at a time.
3. From the Applications menu, select Subapplications > Delete (Delete SubApplication for TrailBlazer). A window is displayed, asking you to confirm that you want the selected subapplication deleted.
4. To confirm, select Yes; to cancel, select No. If you confirm, the selected subapplication is deleted from your image.
Using this approach deletes only the subapplication from the lineup which applies to your image. If the application has more than one lineup, and the change is to apply to each, then you must repeat the operation on the other platforms. To delete subapplications from several lineups, it is often easier to perform the steps given in Deleting a subapplication from many lineups.
Last modified date: 01/29/2015