Smalltalk User Guide : Handling software components : Moving classes and methods
Moving classes and methods
This chapter describes how to move the following:
Class definitions and extensions between applications
Methods between applications or classes
Moving a component has the same effect as filing out the component, deleting it from its containing application or class, and then filing it into a new container. The prior history of the component remains in its source container, while the new component has no prior history in its target container.
Moving methods between applications requires compiling again, because a move changes the set of visible classes. Compiling again ensures that a moved method contains valid references to classes in the scope of the new application.
You can also copy classes and methods. Copying components is similar to moving them. The difference is that copying components does not delete them from their original containers. Because Smalltalk uses globals for class names, you will be asked for a new class name when you copy a class. Copying methods into TimeLogger shows how to use Copy to reproduce methods in a class in a different application
Last modified date: 05/19/2020