Setting debugger options
The Options menu of the debugger offers toggles for tailoring the behavior of the debugger to the task at hand.
Always Bind 'self' to Selection
Determine whether the selected variable is self or the self variable of the selected message is self, in terms of code evaluated in the value pane. By default, this option is not selected. This means that self refers to the self variable displayed in the variable list, and not to the selected variable.
Use Color
Determine whether changes to values or errors shown in a watch window are in color.
Hierarchical Variables Display
Determine whether variables are in a hierarchical list.
Create Watches Locked to Frame
Determine whether watches are locked to the selected message. Changing this toggle does not affect existing watches.
Automatically Select Newest Process
Determine whether the newest process added to the debugger is selected automatically. By default, the newest process is not selected.
Close After Resuming Last Process
Determine whether the debugger closes automatically when the last process resumes. To keep the debugger open while it completes Resume operations, deselect this option.
Prompt to Terminate Processes on Close
Determine whether the debugger prompts you to end all processes when the debugger closes.
Last modified date: 01/29/2015