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Conventions used in this book
This book uses several conventions that you might not have seen in other product manuals.
Throughout this book, the term "Windows" applies generically to all versions of Windows supported by VA Smalltalk. Information applicable to a specific Windows environment is noted accordingly.
Tips and environment-specific information are flagged with icons:
Shortcut techniques and other tips
For Windows:
VAST Platform (VA Smalltalk) for Windows
For Linux (UNIX):
VAST Platform (VA Smalltalk) for UNIX platforms
These highlighting conventions are used in the text:
Used for
New terms the first time they are used
VA Smalltalk uses construction from parts to develop software by assembling and connecting reusable components called parts.
Items you can select, such as push buttons and menu choices
Select Add Part from the Options pull-down. Type the part's class and select OK.
Used for
Special emphasis
Do not save the image.
Titles of publications
Refer to the Installation Guide.
Text that the product displays
The status area displays Category: Data Entry.
VA Smalltalk programming objects, such as attributes, actions, events, composite parts, and script names
Connect the window's aboutToOpenWidget event to the initializeWhereClause script.
Monospace font
Used for
VA Smalltalk scripts and other examples of Smalltalk code
| aNumber aString |
aNumber := 5 * 10.
aString := 'abc'.
Text you can enter
For the customer name, type John Doe
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