team programming
Development of a system, program, or application suite by a team of two or more programmers or application developers.
tear-off attribute
An attribute that an application developer has exposed to work with as though it were a stand-alone part.
temporary variable
A variable whose scope is limited to the Smalltalk method or block in which it is defined. A temporary variable takes an assigned value.
The smallest unit of execution within a process that is not identifiable outside of its parent process. A process consists of a collection of threads in various states.
tool bar
In the Organizer and Composition Editor, the strip of icons along the top of the free-form surface. The tool bar contains tools to help construct composite parts. These tools are also available through pull-down menus of the windows.
In Dynamic Data Exchange, a logical grouping of data items within a named DDE server.
A loadable feature offering a navigational browser that enables the code for objects to be displayed based on their relationships to other objects.
In client/server transaction processing, a business activity or set of activities that transform a database from one state to another (for example, making an airline reservation or custom ordering an automobile).
Transcript window
The main controlling window in Smalltalk.
Last modified date: 08/15/2019