named variable
A variable that is referred to by name. A named variable always refers to a Smalltalk object.
Netscape Server API (NSAPI)
A high-performance interface for running programs on a Web server. NSAPI is an alternative to CGI for servers running the Netscape Netsite software.
The object in Smalltalk that means "no value." All variables initially refer to nil. It is the single instance of the UndefinedObject class.
nonvisual part
A part that has no visual representation at run time. A nonvisual part typically represents some real-world object that exists in the business environment. For example, compare with model. Contrast with visual part.
In VA Smalltalk, a view that resembles a bound notebook, containing pages separated into sections by tabbed divider pages. A user can turn the pages of a notebook or select the tabs to move from one section to another.
number literal
A literal that can be a floating point number, a fraction, or an integer.
Last modified date: 08/15/2019