machine-readable information (MRI)
Language-sensitive information associated with a computer program, such as program integrated information or softcopy documentation. See also program integrated information.
In the Common Widgets subsystem, to specify that a widget's size and position will be managed by its parent widget.
See Media Control Interface.
In Smalltalk, a communication from one object to another that requests the receiving object to execute a method. A message consists of a reference to the receiving object, followed by a selector indicating the requested method, and (in many cases) arguments to be used in executing the method. There are three types of messages: binary, keyword, and unary.
message catalog
For National Language Support, an external file that identifies error messages and other language-specific messages numerically so that they can be translated to support a variety of locales and character sets.
The specification of a class; the complete description of a class's attributes, behavior and implementation. Every class has a metaclass, of which it is the sole instance. Contrast with class.
Executable code that implements the logic of a particular message for a class. In VA Smalltalk, methods are also called scripts. See also class method, instance method, private method, and public method.
A nonvisual part that represents the state and behavior of a real-world object, such as a customer or an account. Contrast with view.
Machine-readable information.
The combining of various media types (such as text, graphics, audio, motion video, or still video) in one application.
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