Local area network.
A shared repository represented by a single file. It stores source code, object (compiled) code, and persistent objects, including editions, versions, and releases of software components. See also system component.
A configuration of prerequisites and subapplications that an application requires in order to run on a platform. A boolean expression specifies the platform or conditions under which the applications in the lineup can load.
In Java, a class that can register interest in processing a certain system event. Listeners implement one or more *Listener interfaces, all of which ultimately inherit from java.util.EventListener.
A read-only object that can be a number, a character string, a single character, a symbol, or an array. Each literal is unique: two literals with the same value refer to the same object.
Literal text
Text in an HTML Text part that is passed to the client browser exactly as entered. You can use literal text to code HTML tagging that is not directly supported by the Web Connection parts.
A system operation that links the compiled code for a software component from a library into an active image. Loading also performs other operations that enable the component to run, such as linking prerequisites.
Designation for a software component that has been linked from a library into an image.
In VA Smalltalk, the state of the mouse pointer between the time when you select a part from the parts palette, and when you deposit the part on the free-form surface.
local hierarchy
The class hierarchy for a particular class. It includes the class, the class's superclasses, and the subclasses.
local area network (LAN)
A computer network located on a user's establishment within a limited geographical area. A LAN typically consists of one or more server machines providing services to a number of client workstations.
logOn message
A VA Smalltalk message that supports the following forms of the database logon message:
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