Small squares that appear on the corners and sides of a selected visual part. Handles are used to resize parts. See also primary selection.
host variable
A variable in an SQL statement used for substituting data values into the statement at execution time. Host variable names begin with a colon and cannot contain double-byte characters.
In Dynamic Data Exchange, a request by a DDE client to a DDE server to be notified immediately when an particular data item changes, and to include with that notification the value of the changed data item. Contrast with warmlink, coldlink.
See Hypertext Transfer Protocol.
HTTP request
A transaction initiated by a Web browser and adhering to the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP). The server usually responds with HTML data, but can send other kinds of objects as well.
Hypertext Transfer Protocol
An Internet-based standard that describes the way in which Web clients and servers interact. The HTTP protocol supports stateless transactions, each consisting of a request from the client and a response from the server.
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