fail block
In the Common Language Implementation subsystem, a one-argument code block that is evaluated when a compiler error occurs.
A major component of a software product that can be installed separately.
In VA Smalltalk, an action, attribute, or event that is available from a part's public interface and that other parts can connect to. See also action, attribute, and event.
File In
A Smalltalk command for compiling external definitions of applications, classes, and methods from a text file.
File Out
A Smalltalk command for writing definitions of applications, classes, and methods to an external text file.
fixed class
A class that can have named instance variables but no indexed instance variables.
fixed object
An object that cannot be moved by the Smalltalk garbage collector.
An HTML element that can include entry fields, push buttons, and other user-interface controls through which users can enter information. Sometimes called a fill-in form.
A library of classes, intended for reuse, that fall within a particular domain (for example, a communications framework or a graphics framework).
free-form surface
In VA Smalltalk, the large open area of the Composition Editor window. The free-form surface holds the visual parts contained by the views you build and representations of the nonvisual parts that your application includes.
In the Common Widgets subsystem, a method that enables a widget to perform an action.
Last modified date: 08/15/2019