Installation Guide : EMSRV messages and reporting
EMSRV messages and reporting
EMSRV contains comprehensive diagnostics. Based on the specified reporting severity level and whether file logging is enabled, statistics and diagnostic information are logged to the emsrv.log file and displayed on the console. All messages with a severity level lower than the current level are suppressed. You can set the level when you start EMSRV, and you can change it dynamically, using the EMADMIN utility. The reporting levels are as follows:
Reporting level
Logs all operations
Logs warning and error messages
Logs only error messages (default)
When debugging an EMSRV problem, it is often useful to watch the write operations to the console as they occur. To do this, choose the EMSRV startup options to log to the console and set the appropriate reporting level.
There are three categories of EMSRV messages:
During normal operation, you should set the reporting level to "Errors" (reporting-level 2), because performance is affected when large amounts of information are written to the screen or log file. Set the reporting level to "Information" only when you are trying to diagnose a problem.
Last modified date: 06/28/2019