Installation Guide : The EMADMIN utility : Shutting down EMSRV stopping connections (stop command)
Shutting down EMSRV stopping connections (stop command)
The stop command shuts down EMSRV remotely or closes a client connection to EMSRV. When you use this operation to shut down EMSRV, you are prompted for the EMSRV account password. The password characters are not displayed on the screen. EMSRV can be shut down only if you have entered the correct password. The stop command can also be used to terminate a connection that can no longer communicate with the client. Use the list command to obtain the list of connections and their respective connection numbers that can be closed.
The stop -k <connection number> command is used to close a client connection to EMSRV.
The syntax for the stop command is:
emadmin stop <server_address> [-k <connection_number> ] [ <host> ]
This optional parameter specifies the host that EMSRV is running on. The parameter can be either the server host name or its Internet address. If a host name is not provided, localhost is used.
-k <connection_number>
This required parameter is the unique connection number of the connection to be terminated.
Specifies the host name or IP address of the server where EMSRV is running. If you don't specify a host, the default is the name of the host from which you are issuing the emadmin command.
Last modified date: 06/28/2019