Installation Guide : The EMADMIN utility : Displaying current EMSRV statistics (stat command)
Displaying current EMSRV statistics (stat command)
The stat command displays the statistics for operations completed since the repository server was started. This command also tells you what the current EMSRV working directory is.
The stat command sends a message to a host running EMSRV and requests a copy of the latest statistics. This command provides information such as numbers of file opens, closes, and writes.
The syntax for the stat command is:
EMADMIN stat [<host> ][-P<port number>]
Specifies the host name or IP address of the server where EMSRV is running. If you don't specify a host, the default is the name of the host from which you are issuing the emadmin command.
-P <port number>
This is an optional parameter that specifies the port that EMSRV is using . The default numbers is 4800.
For example:
Running this command produces output such as the following:
EMSRV 7.0 for Windows NT/2000 Aug 1 2000 22:28:51 (EST)
Operating system: Windows NT Workstation 4.0.1381 Service Pack 4 (1 Processor -
255 MB Memory)
Code page (ANSI): 1252
Total Connects: 398 Total Disconnects: 393
Total Opens: 1720 Total Closes: 1696
Active Locks 0 Unexpected Connection Closes: 20
Total Locks: 675831 Total Unlocks: 675830
Total Reads: 3436990 Total Writes: 636179
Total Reads Failed On Lock: 0 Total Locks Failed On Lock: 0
Times Lock Limit Hit: 0
Total Requests Serviced: 6009719 Requests in last interval: 0
Largest Packet Sent: 32780 Largest Packet Received: 32784
Working Directory : d:\bin\emsrv\data
Server Has Been Alive For: 17 Days 0 Hours 45 Minutes 18 Seconds
Last modified date: 06/28/2019