Installation Guide : The EMADMIN utility : Displaying EMSRV options (opts command)
Displaying EMSRV options (opts command)
The opts command enables you to display the current options for a repository server and change the logging level for the repository server.
The syntax for the opts command is:
emadmin opts <host> [-s<level>]
Specifies the host name or IP address of the server where EMSRV is running. If you don't specify a host, the default is the name of the host from which you are issuing the emadmin command.
Specifies a new logging level for EMSRV. This command allows you to change the current logging level without having to access the machine where EMSRV is running. You can specify the following logging levels:
Logs all operations and messages to the log file.
Logs warnings and errors to the log file.
Logs only errors to the log file (default).
-P <port number>
This is an optional parameter that specifies the port that EMSRV is using . The default numbers is 4800.
For example:
emadmin opts
Running this command produces output such as the following:
EMSRV 7.0 for Windows NT/2000 Aug 1 2000 22:28:51 (EST)
Operating system: Windows NT Workstation 4.0.1381 Service Pack 4 (1 Processor -
255 MB Memory)
Code page (ANSI): 1252
Running as a service: Yes
Maximum number of concurrent connections: 256
Working directory: d:\bin\emsrv\data
Authentication: Disabled
Logging level: Error
Log file name: emsrv.log
Allow connection to truncate repositories: No
Track EMSRV statistics: Yes
Track process file locking statistics: No
Process activity timeout value: 360 sec
Sleep on lock value: 1000 ms
Free disk space warning threshold: 10000 KB
Restrict repositories to local filesystems: Yes
Last modified date: 06/28/2019