Installation Guide : The EMADMIN utility : Copying files (copy command)
Copying files (copy command)
The copy command allows you to copy one repository, the source, to another repository, the target. The target repository can be on the same EMSRV server as the source, or on a different EMSRV server that is on the same network.
The copy command locks the library to ensure that the library cannot be changed while it is being copied.
To use the copy command, the following conditions must exist:
The specified source file must be a valid VAST library file.
The EMADMIN user must know the EMSRV account password.
The password characters are not displayed on the screen.
The library file can be copied only if the correct password has been entered.
To run the copy command in a batch file, the password may be specified as part of the command line. This, in conjunction with the -q (quiet) option, ensures that no prompting occurs during the batch process.
The syntax for the copy command is:
EMADMIN copy [-o] [-p<password>][-q] [-P<port number> ] <source> <dest>
A valid VAST library file; the source file will be locked.
File specification must be accessible to the EMSRV user account. A VAST file specification has the following format:
<ip_address>:<file name>
<ip_address> is optional and specifies the host that EMSRV is running on. It can be either the file server IP host name or its Internet address. If a host name is not provided, localhost is used.
<file name> is required and is the file specification.
The copy command default behavior does not overwrite an existing file. Normally, you are prompted for overwrite permission. The -o option specifies that the destination file may be overwritten without prompting.
This specifies the password to use when the copy command is validating access to the source database. The password cannot contain spaces.
By default, the copy command prints the number of bytes transferred during the copy operation. The -q option indicates "quiet operation" and the transfer count is not printed. When this option is enabled, you will not be prompted about potential problems from low disk space.
-P <port number>
This is an optional parameter that specifies the port that EMSRV is using . The default numbers is 4800.
For example, to copy a library file to a backup file, enter the following command:
emadmin copy -o -p secret -q
This example copies (in quiet mode) manager.dat to test.dat in the working directory, overwriting test.dat if it exists and using the password "secret" to access the source library.
Last modified date: 02/19/2021