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Repairing a VAST Platform Installation on Windows
For more on the location of files in the installation, including varoot and mgrroot, see file locations.
Restore Missing or Corrupted Files
If you accidentally delete files or directories from your installation which are read only, or files have become corrupted, you can recover them using the Repair capability. These are files in the varoot installation path.
To Repair a VAST Platform installation,
1. Open the Control Panel and select
Add/Remove Programs (Windows XP), or
Uninstall a program or Programs and Features (Windows Vista or later)
2. Select
Change/Remove (Windows XP) or
Change/Uninstall (Windows Vista or later).
From the Welcome panel, click Next to move to the Program Maintenance Panel.
3. Select Repair. Click Next to continue to “Ready to Repair the Program”
4. Click Next to complete the repair process.
Get a New Copy of the Library
If you want a new copy of the library, you can obtain a new one from the manager directory of your installation. This location is read only. The standard location for a writeable copy of the library is mgrroot.
Last modified date: 02/24/2021