Uninstalling VASTPlatform on Windows
Before you uninstall you should stop the following processes if they are running:
Any running images
For more on the location of files in the installtion, including varoot and mgrroot, see file locations.
If you intend to remove the code library, you should first back it up in case you need it later. Before you uninstall VASTPlatform, you should backup the installed library:
1. Make a copy of your existing library file using the following command. For example:
emadmin copy <mgrroot>\mgr1002.dat <destination filename> -p <password of user who started EMSRV>
2. Archive your library files, exports, and any other files that you may have added or customized for your site.
What Files Will Not be Uninstalled
1. If you are uninstalling a Typical or Manager installation, the library will not be removed unless you check a checkbox on the Repair/Remove user interface – this is to prevent you from accidentally deleting saved work.
2. Files created by Environments will not be removed. Environments creates files in the following directories:
a. %APPDATA%\Instantiations\VASTPlatform\ (private storage )
b. %USERPROFILE%\My Documents\Instantiations\VASTPlatform\ (user's files)
3. The pay file of the just uninstalled version. E.g. abtpay100.dll.
Files and directories may not be removed if you have an explorer window open in one of the directories affected or it is locked by some other process.
How to Uninstall
To uninstall VAST Platform:
1. Open the Control Panel and select
Add/Remove Programs (Windows XP), or
Uninstall a program or Programs and Features (Windows Vista or later)
2. Select
Change/Remove (Windows XP) or
Change/Uninstall (Windows Vista or later).
From the Welcome panel, click Next to move to the Program Mainenance Panel..
3. Select Remove. Click Next to Continue. If you installed the library, you have the option of removing it by checking a checkbox on the Ready to Remove screen.
The uninstall will only remove a file with the name and location of the original library which was installed with the new installation. If you wish to remove this library, check the checkbox. DO NOT remove the library unless you were evaluating the product and have nothing you wish to save or you have backed up your library.
4. Click Next to complete the uninstall process.
Last modified date: 02/24/2021