VA Assist Pro Tools
C:\Users\documentation\Documents\vastePublisher\stable\VAS Documentation Word\ao\Graphics\m_methods_tools.jpg
Contains several menu items for VA Assist Pro related tools.
VA Assist Pro Tools | Mark
C:\Users\documentation\Documents\vastePublisher\stable\VAS Documentation Word\ao\icons\Mark Methods.jpg Add the method to the Marked Methods Browser.
VA Assist Pro Tools | Inspect
C:\Users\documentation\Documents\vastePublisher\stable\VAS Documentation Word\ao\Graphics\m_inspectmethod.jpg
Opens an inspector on either the CompiledMethod instance itself or on the method's parse tree.
VA Assist Pro Tools | Hide/Show Source
C:\Users\documentation\Documents\vastePublisher\stable\VAS Documentation Word\ao\Graphics\m_hideshow_mth.jpg
Manage the hide/show export status of method source for each selected method. The "Names | Settings | Remove Source" option must be set true for these status settings to have any effect during export.
Last modified date: 12/19/2018