Smart Text Prompters
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All of the system text prompters have been enhanced to remember previous entries. For example, the Browse Implementors, Browse Senders, Browse Classes, etc. commands from the Transcript will now remember the all prior entries. This makes it very easy to duplicate queries repeatedly without undue typing. Likewise, the version name prompters will remember prior entries so that you can quickly apply the same version names to other classes or applications. Each text prompter keeps its own list of entries (so that the version name entries don't show up in Browse Implementors and vice versa). All of the lists may be cleared by selecting the Clear Prompter Suggestions command from the Power Tools setup window.
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The Smart text prompters may be customized via a built-in settings menu. The settings menu allow you to control whether the prompter autofills (e.g., guesses based upon the user's input), whether the autofilling is case sensitive, and whether the prompter should suggest an answer if the system does not suggest one.
Last modified date: 12/07/2018