Chapter 2 Installation
This chapter will tell you everything you need to know in order to install VA Assist Pro.
In order to use VA Assist Pro, you must currently be a user of VA Smalltalk. This product comes with everything you need to run it in either Windows, Linux or UNIX.
Installing VA Assist Pro into the IBMST Image
VA Assist Pro comes preloaded in the VA Smalltalk image. How3ever, it is not in the IBMST image also shipped with the VA Smalltalk product. To install VA Assist Pro, launch the IBMST image , and load the feature named “VA: VA Assist Pro” into your image.
When VA Assist Pro has finished loading, the VA Assist Pro splash screen will briefly display. VA Assist Pro is now loaded and enabled!
Note on Unloading
To un-install the VA Assist Pro package use the VA Assist Pro “Un-Install” command on the Transcript Tools pull down menu. Use this command rather than either the Configuration Maps Browser or Application Manager unload commands or the Load/Unload Features dialog. None of these "traditional" unloading options will work due to the existence of instances of various VA Assist Pro classes. Be aware that any VA Assist Pro enhanced browser will be closed during the un-install process.
Last modified date: 11/12/2018