Names Menu Commands
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View | All Applications
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View all of the loaded applications.
View | All Applications Matching Patterns
View all of the applications matching a set of user selected patterns.
View | Visual Applications
View all of the visual applications. These are applications containing WindowBuilder or Composition Editor view definitions.
View | Applications Needing Versioning
View all of the applications needing to be versioned.
View | Applications Managed by “Current User”
View all of the applications managed by the current user.
View | Set Application Patterns
Set the list of patterns used to filter the applications list. The list of patterns is dynamically determined from the list of loaded applications.
View | Add Application Pattern
Add an arbitrary string to the list of patterns used to filter the applications list.
View | Change User
Change to a different user. Only users that manage applications will be listed.
Import New Names
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Sets the policy used when encountering new application or class version names during import. If the version names in the import library differ from the names already present in the current library, the new version names may be “Always Accepted”, “Always Rejected”. If set to “Always Ask”, the system will prompt the user for how to proceed.
Groups | Add Users
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Add a user to all of the selected applications.
Groups | Delete Users
Delete a user from all of the selected applications.
Groups | Replace Users
Replace one or more users in all of the selected applications with another user. If the original users owned any classes or managed any applications, the new user will become the new owner of those classes and the new manager or those applications.
Groups | Include Subapplications
Apply the above changes to all of the subapplications within the hierarchies of the selected applications.
Enhanced all of these commands to apply to multiple selected applications (as opposed to only one application at a time).
Last modified date: 12/20/2018