Editions Menu Commands
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View | Sorted By Time Stamp
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View all of the application editions sorted by timestamp.
View | Sorted By Hierarchy
View all of the application editions sorted by hierarchy.
View | Show Time Stamp
Toggles whether the timestamp should be displayed next to each version name.
Browse Loaded Edition
Open an Application Browser on the currently loaded edition of the selected application. The existing Browse Edition command always opens a Shadow Application browser regardless of whether the current edition is loaded.
Manage Application
Opens an Application Manager on the selected application.
Configuration Maps | Locate Selected Name
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Find the current (e.g., most recent) config maps containing the selected application name.
Configuration Maps | Locate Selected Edition
Find the specific config map editions containing the selected application edition.
Configuration Maps | Release Selected Edition
Release the selected edition of the selected application into its containing config maps and optionally propagate the changes throughout the entire config map hierarchy.
Configuration Maps | Propogate Changes
Indicates whether config map changes should be propagated throughout the entire config map hierarchy.
Configuration Maps | Create New Editions As Necessary
Indicates whether new config map editions should be created in the event that no open edition currently exists.
Configuration Maps | Update Required Map Lineups
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Indicates which required map lineups should be updated when config map changes are being propagated. If set to “All”, all lineups will be update. If set to “Valid”, only currently valid lineups will be updated. If set to “Current”, all lineups that are currently up to date will be updated. If set to “Filtered”, only lineups not matching any expressions in the filter list will be updated. Additional options are also presented to allow the use to edit the current filter list, add a filer or clear all of the filters.
Rename Version
C:\Users\documentation\Documents\vastePublisher\stable\VAS Documentation Word\ao\icons\Name Edition.gif Rename the selected version.
Groups | Add Users
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Add a user to the selected edition.
Groups | Delete Users
Delete a user from the selected edition.
Groups | Replace Users
Replace one or more users in the selected edition with another user. If the original users owned any classes or managed the application, the new user will become the new owner of those classes and the new manager or the application.
Groups | Include Subapplications
Apply the above changes to all of the subapplications within the hierarchy of the selected edition.
Last modified date: 12/06/2018